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Welcome to discussion
of the biotic regulation concept!

  • What is the role of the natural biota of Earth in sustaining a suitable for us environment?
  • How does the modern natural science treat this issue?
  • Why has the Earth's climate remained suitable for life over more than three billion years?
  • If species adapt genetically to a randomly changing environment, why do they remain discrete?
  • Is the biotic control of environmental conditions compatible with nutrient limitation?
  • (How) does antropogenic disturbance of natural ecosystems bring about the growing climatic instability observed nowadays world over?

Within this broad context, we invite everybody to discuss the biotic regulation concept and how it relates to the modern global problems of humanity. You may also comment on any other issue presented at this web site.


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As a possible seed for the discussion, here we offer some reflections on the topic. We discuss how the biotic regulation concept relates to the two major paradigms of the modern biology, namely the concepts of genetic adaptation and nutrient limitation.

A shorter coverage of the same ideas can be found in a recent publication by Gorshkov et al. (2001) Biological Theory and Global Change Science (PDF, 0.3 Mb) in the Global Change Newsletter published by the International Geosphere Biosphere Program.

A more detailed overview of how the biotic regulation concept relates to the modern Global Change science implications can be found in How valid are the biological and ecological principles underpinning Global Change science? (PDF, 500 Kb) by Makarieva A.M., Gorshkov V.G., Mackey B. & Gorshkov V.V. in Energy & Environment, 13, No. 3, 299-310, see also abstract.


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