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Hot topic: Biotic pump of atmospheric moisture



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The biotic pump idea was first put forward in the end of 2005. Since that time we have received quite a few comments and questions from the scientific community. A most interesting discussion was hosted on the pages of the Hydrology and Earth System Sciences journal of the European Geosciences Union. Some comments were made informally to the authors and some are anonymous. Here we give an overview of all the reactions.

List of comments and questions on biotic pump

1. Y. Dovgaluk: A place for biotic pump in meteorology (HESSD 3, S1135-S1137, 2006)
Biotic pump versus conventional meteorological wisdom: vertical and horizontal air movements
2. A. Nobre: Geography of climate (HESSD 3, S1235-S1240, 2006)
Pangea and biotic pump, colonization of land by forests; atmospheric circulation in forested Sahara; existence of savannas in South America; monsoon climate in South America and biotic pump
3. H.H.G. Savenije: Comment on Biotic Pump (HESSD 3, S993-S996, 2006)
Total evaporation, interception and transpiration; exponential decline of precipitation; Relationship between the water budget terms (precipitation, runoff, evaporation); Precipitation recycling
4. S. Sherman: Comment on the evaporative force (HESSD 3, S1124-S1126, 2006)
Weight of the gaseous column and weight of clouds: pressure effects; constant mixing ratio of dry air
5. Anonymous: General critique of biotic pump
Questioning the existence of the evaporative force; neglect of conventional meteorology; modelling suggestions
6. Anonymous: Critique of spatial precipitation patterns
Moisture convergence and horizontal moisture flux; no radical precipitation reduction after deforestation
7. Anonymous: Question on condensation, heat release and evaporative force
Can the release of heat during condensation of water vapor and the associated rise of pressure of the heated air counteract the pressure shortage produced by "annihilation" of water vapor molecules?
8. H. de Melo Jorge Barbosa: Physical concepts in section 3.1 (HESSD 3, S1418-S1424, 2006)
Saturation of surface layer and atmospheric column, nature of the evaporative force, atmospheric motions and other
9. H. de Melo Jorge Barbosa: Still about the physics (HESSD 3, S1466-S1469, 2006)
Account of latent heat, relative humidity issue, shallow cumulus convection, diffusion of atmospheric gases
10. B. van den Hurk: Evidence for biotic pump (HESSD 3, S1485-S1487, 2006)
Tall versus short vegetation in biotic pump, vegetation albedo, travel distance of water vapor over non-forested regions



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